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Pindi Vantalu (Sweets)

1.     In 1 ½ glass water melt 1 ½ glass Jaggery ,
2.     To it add some grated coconut, 1 TSP oil, Elaichi powder, 1 ½ glass rice flour and boil  all the contents for 10mins
3.     Let the contents cool for sometime
4.     then make them into small discs on a plastic cover
5.     Fry all of them in ½ kg oil.

1.     For 1 cup Rice add 3 cups water and 1 cup Jaggery and boil the contents in a cooker
2.     Take out hot add some Elaichi powder and 1 TSP ghee


1.     coconut -1
2.     Rice – 1 Glass ( Soak it in water for 4-5hrs)
3.     Milk – 1/2 ltr
4.     Jaggery (or sugar) – 2 ½ glasses
5.     water – 2 glasses
6.     Ghee – 2 TSP

1.     Grind soaked rice and coconut, after grinding it separate the milk from rice, repeat the processes of grinding till we are left with dry powder
2.     Boil 2 glass water, add coconut – rice powder along with ghee and stir it continuously so that no doughs are formed
3.     Then add Jagger ( sugar) , Elaichi powder
4.     For taste garnish with fried cashew nuts

1.     Heat 2Ltrs milk, add 2 full lime juice to curdle the milk
2.     Tie the Curdled milk in a cloth tightly for atleast a day to squeeze all the water
3.     Kneed the dried curdled milk continuously till becomes soft without any doughs.
4.     Then add 1 TSP bSooji, mix it well.
5.     Make small balls stuffing with sugar chips
6.     For 1 cup sugar add 2 cups water, while sugar is boiling, dip the ballsw
7.     Let them boil completely and then switch off the stove
8.     After few minutes add some Elaichi powder
9.     Allow it cool, server chilli 

 Preparation :-
1.     Fry ½ kg mida coarself till it turns to gold colours.
2.     Prepare sugar syrup with medium consistency
3.     Now add fried maida to the boiling sugar syrup by stiring it continuously
4.     Keep on adding ghee, so that no doughs are formed, till the ghee oozes from boiled maida.
5.     For taste garnish with cashew nuts, Raisins and dry coconut powder
6.     Apply ghee to a plate and pour maida halwa on it
7.     Once it is cooled, cut it into diamond shapes

1.     Besan – 1 cup
2.     Sugar – 3 cups
3.     Grated coconut – 1 cup
4.     Milk – 1 cup
5.     Ghee – 1cup
6.     Elaichi powder – ½ TSP
1.     Heat ghee in a kadai, add all the ingredients and stir them continuously
2.     Mix and cook all the ingredients until besan does not stick to the kadai
3.     Finally add elaichi powder and empty the contents into a plate, cut them into small pieces

  1. Mix ½ kg maida in sufficient water and prepare like a puri batter
  2. Make round shoped puri’s with maida batter and fry them in oil till they into golden colour.
  3. Boil 1Ltr milk and add 50g sugar and ½ TSP Elaichi powder
  4. Dip all the fried puri’s in sugar mixed boiled milk 

  1. Sooji – ½ kg
  2. Sugar – ½ kg
  3. Granted coconut – 1 cup à Slightly fried
  4. Elaichi powder – 1 TSP
  5. Cashew nuts – 20 à Fried in ghee
  6. Raisins – 50 g
  7. ghee – 100g
  8. Boiled milk -1 cup

1. Heat a pan and fry Sooji till it turns to brown colour
2. Mix fried sooji, sugar, grated coconut, milk, cashew nuts & Rasins, Elaichi Powder.
3. Make them into small balls.

Ingredients: -
1.     Wheat – 1 glass à Soak it in water for 12hrs
2.     Sugar – 1 glass
3.     Ghee – 1 cup
4.     Milk – ½Ltr
5.     Water – 2 cups
6.     Cardamom (or) Elaichi powder – 1 TSP 
7.     Cashew nuts – 15 àfried

1.     Grind wheat adding some water and extract milk
2.     Filter the milk and allow the milk to settle for 30mins
3.     Drain the water which is collected above the milk, we will be left with some flour
4.     add milk to the flour and keep it aside
5.     Prepare sugar syrup with medium consistency
6.     Add wheat flour with milk, ghee and keep stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed
7.     Grease a plate with ghee and empty the Halwa into the plate
8.     garnish with cashew nuts and cut them into desired shapes after it is cooled
    • optionally add colour for look while preparing sugar syrup.

1.     Urad dal – ½ kg
2.     Sugar – 1Kg
3.     orange colour
4.     oil – 1 ¼ kg
1.     Soak urad dal in water for 4 -5hrs
2.     Grind urad dal into smooth paste by adding very Little water
3.     Prepare sugar syrup and keep it aside
4.     Add a pinch of orange colour to the batter.
5.     Heat oil in a kadai
6.     Take a ladle fill of batter into a cloth bag which has a small button hole (so that when pressed the batter comes that out of the hole )
7.     Then press the batter directly into hot oil in the shape of concentric circles
8.     Fry them until they are crisp and dip them in sugar syrup, & Remove them after they absorbed sufficient sugar syrup.

  1. Rice – ½ kg
  2. Urad flour – ½ glass
  3. curd – 1 cup
  4. Baking soda
  5. Sugar – 4 Glasses
  6. oil – 5 glasses
  7. Plastic Paper

  1. Soak rice in water whole night
  2. Grind soaked rice into flour and dry it for sometime
  3. For 4 glasses rice flour add ½ glass urad flour and mix it with curd
  4. Add water mix necessary, prepare the batter with loose consistency
  5. Leave the prepared batter for a day
  6. Prepare sugar syrup with one thread consistency and keep it aside
  7. Heat oil in a pan
  8. Then put the jalebi batter in a plastic bag or piping nozzle and pipe 7cm rings in hot oil
  9. Fry them till golden brown and place them on a tissue paper
  10. Then dip them in sugar syrup for 5-7mins 

1.     Rice – 1 cup
2.     Moong dal – 1 cup
3.     Sugar or brown sugar – 3 cups
4.     Grated coconuts – 1 cup
5.     Ghee – 1 cup
6.     Elaichi powder – 2 TSP
7.     cashew nuts – 15 to 20 à fried

  1. Fry moong dal coarsely, boil rice and fried moong dal
  2. Prepare sugar syrup with medium consistency
  3. Then add boiled rice and moong dal, ghee and stir them
  4. Add grated coconut, stir the mixture continuously by pouring ghee till pongal does not stick to the  edges
  5. switch off  thee stove, add fried cashew nuts

  1. Besan – 1 Glass
  2. Ghee – 2 Glasses
  3. Sugar – 2 Glasses
  1. For 2 glasses sugar add ½ glass water and prepare sugar syrup with one thread consistency
  2. Simultaneously heat ghee
  3. Add hot ghee to the sugar syrup and keep on stirring
  4. While stirring add besan and stir it continuously
  5. Keep on adding ghee and stir it till the besan mixture does not stick to the vessel
  6. Grease a plate with ghee and empty the mixture into the plate
  7. Cut them into sugar or diamond shape  

Ingredients: -
  1. Besan – ½ kg
  2. Sugar – ½ kg
  3. Ghee – 75g
  4. Elaichi powder – 2 TSP
  5. Cashew nuts- 20 à fried
  6. Kissmiss – 25g à fried

  1. Fry besan on a low flame till colour changes
  2. Prepare sugar syrup with thick consistency
  3. Add fried besan, ghee in the sugar syrup and sugar and stir continuously till the besan does not touch the edges
  4. then add cashew nuts, Kissmiss, Elaichi powder
  5. Make them into small balls

  1. Chana dal  - ½ kg
  2. Sugar – ½ kg
  3. Maida – 700g
  4. oil – ½ kg
  5. Elaichi powder – 2 TSP
  6. Sooji – 1 TSP

  1. Boil chana dal, drain the water and mast it well with a blender
  2. Mix sugar, Elaichi powder, heat the mixture on a low flame, cool it and make equal size balls
  3. Mix maida, Sooji by adding water and prepare a hard dough
  4. Knead it thoroughly by adding 4 TSP oil till the dough becomes very soft and Leave it for 2hrs
  5. Take a plastic sheet and put few drops of oil and spread the maida ball on it with hand, thin at edges and thick in middle
  6. Put the sweet ball in the middle and cover it by  bringing the edges together Repeat it for all the balls
  7. Flatten each ball on the plastic sheet carefully and heat them on the pan like chapathis

  1. Chana dal
  2. Rice flour – 1/2kg
  3. urad dal – 3/4 kg à soak it in water for 2hrs
  4. Jaggery – 4 Cups
  5. Elaichi Powder

  1. Boil Chana dal, drain water and mash it
  2. Add jaggery, Elaichi powder, mix it well and make equal size balls
  3. Grind urad dal and it with rice flour and prepare batter with loose consistency.
  4. Heat oil in a kadai, dip each sweet ball in urad and rice flour batter and fry them in oil

  1. Moong dal – ¼ cup
  2. Sugar – 1 ½ cup
  3. Elaichi Powder – 1 TSP
  4. Urad dal -   1 cup                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  5. Rice – 2 cup

Preparation: -
  1. Soak moong dal in water for 1hrs, remove water, grind it into paste and steam it like idli
  2. Add sugar, Elaichi powder to it and make it into equal size balls
  3. Soak rice and urad dal  in water for 2hrs remove water and grind it into smooth paste like dosa batter
  4. Heat oil in a pan
  5. Dip each sweet ball in the batter and fry them in oil

  1. maida – ½ kg
  2. Dalda – ½ cup
  3. Curd – ½ cup
  4. Baking soda
  5. Sugar – 2 cups
  1. Prepare sugar syrup with loose consistency and keep it aside
  2. Mix madia, curd and dalda without pouring any water, make a hard dough
  3. Heat oil in a kadai
  4. Make small discs with maida batter and fry them in oil till they turn brown
  5. Dip them in sugar syrup for 5-10mins and remove them.

  1. Groundnuts – 1 cup
  2. Sugar – 1 ½
  3. Vanilla essence – 4 drops
  4. Baking soda – ¼ TSP
1. Fry groundnuts coarsely and grind them into powder
2. Fry sugar till it turns golden brown
3. Grease a plate with ghee, pour groundnut powder and fried sugar in the plate.

  1. Milk – 1Ltr
  2. Custard powder (get it in indian stores)
  3. Sugar – 1 glass
  1. Mix 2 or 3 TSP of custard powder in cold milk and keep it aside
  2. Boil 1ltr milk, while it is boiling add custard powder  mixed with cold milk and sugar,
  3. Stir it continuously so there will not be any lumps, switch off the stove
  4. Cool it for sometime
  5. Add ferrits of your choice { Banana, apple mango, grapes, cashew nuts,..}

  1. Soak some cashew nuts, and Badam in water over night
  2. In the morning, grind it into a paste
  3. Boil 1ltr milk, while it is boiling add badam- cashew nut paste and stir it well, so that no lumps are formed, cook for 10min & switch off the stove
  4. Add sugar, some saffron for colour and 1 TSP badam essence
  5. Refrigirate badam milk for sometime serve chill.  

  1. Fry 1 glass urad dal coarsely without any oil and grind it into fine powder
  2. Mix  ½ glass Jaggery and ½ glass sugar and grind into a powder
  3. Heat ½ glass ghee
  4. Mix urad powder, sugar and Jaggery powder and add sufficient ghee
  5. Make them into small balls

  1. Grind 2 Glass poha into a fine powder
  2. To it add 1 glass Jaggery powder and 2 to 3 TSP grated coconut
  3. Mix all 3 ingredients thoroughly and make small balls

  1. Fry ¼ kg Sooji in 1 TSP oil and keep it aside
  2. Fry cashew nuts and kissmiss (Rasisins) and keep it aside
  3. Prepare sugar syrup by adding 3 glasses water to 1 ½ glass sugar 
  4. while sugar syrup is boiling add fried Sooji by stirring sugar syrup continuously so that no lumps are formed
  5. keep stirring the mixture till sooji does not touch the edges of the vessel
  6.  At the end add some orange colour and off the stove.

    1. Fry ½ kg grated coconut in 1 or 2 TSP ghee
    2. Add 1/4 LTR milk and boil fried carrot and keep it for 10 – 15mins
    3. Then add 1 ½  glass sugar and mix it thoroughly
    4. After everything cooked, add 1 or 2 TSP ghee, Elaichi powder and some fried cashew nuts and switch off stove
    5. optionally add some kova for taste.

    1. Grind ½ glass sesame seeds and mix it ½ glass jaggery powder Make them into small balls

    1. Soak ½ kg rice in water for 2hrs
    2. Then remove water and make it dry
    3. Then grind the dry rice into powder
    4. mix the rice powder with 1 glass sugar and grated coconut, Elaichi powder
    5. Make them into small balls

    1. Soak 1 kg rice in water for 2hrs, then drain all the water and spread it on a clean cloth,
    2. Grind the rice into powder 
    3. Sieve the dry rice to be left with smooth powder
    4.Prepar a syrup with ½ kg jaggery with one thread consistency, add 1 TSP oil
    5. Add rice powder to the syrup by stirring the syrup continuously,
    6. Knead the above mixture into a soft dough, and make small balls
    7. Heat ½ kg of oil in a kadai
    8. spread each ball on a plastic sheets like a puri and fry it in oil
    9. Repeat the process for all balls
    1. Soak 1 glass green moong dal in water for 2hrs
    2. Drain all water n, grind it into a paste without any water
    3. Prepare sugar syrup with one thread consistency
    4. Add moong dal paste, elaichi powder to the sugar syrup & some grated coconut and mix it well
    5. Grease a steel plate with ghee
    6. Empty all the mixture into the greased plate
    7. Then cut it into square pieces and fry each piece in hot oil. Till they turn to brown colour. 

    1. Prepare a sugar syrup by adding 2 glass water to 1 ½ glass sugar
    2. Then add 1 glass Sooji and some Elaichi powder and stir it well till sooji does not touch the edges of vessel
    3. Mean while mix madia in water with loose consistency
    4. Make small balls with sweet mixture already cooked
    5. Grease a plastic sheet with oil
    6. Spread each ball on the plastic sheet and dip it in maida batter and fry it in hot oil
    7. Repeat the process for the remaining mixture. 


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